Marz Guitars

Resources for guitar makers

Fretboard Designs

Create accurate Fretboards designs with single or double scale and with single or compound radius.

Interactive calculations

Change parameters interactively and see immediate changes in drawings/calculated values.

Neck Designs

Create neck profiles for Neck-Thru, Set-In or Bolt-On Necks with straight or angled joint/headstock. Calculate correct neck angle and more...

Download your designs

Download your designs and open it any time later to continue editing, or download your generated svg graphics for priting, importing, etc..

Frequently asked questions

Marz Designer is a work in progress interactive tool for drawing guitar parts on fully parametric specifications. It is not a free drawing tool, it has a few modules, each module accepts some parameters and generate accurate graphics for templates, guides, jigs, etc…

You can use Marz Designer for free to create/edit your own designs, but you can not copy or host the software itself in your infrastructure.

Guitar making requires a lot of accurate calculations based on design variables/constraints. I was trying to create parametric svg documents with inkscape and python, but inkscape lacks proper scripting support so I started something with javascript and direct svg manipulation within the browser and voilá!