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Vinson guitar setup jig plans

I live in Colombia, South America, it is very difficult and/or expensive to get access to fancy and advanced tools for pretty much everything, finding luthiery tools is not better so we have to build our tools by ourself much of the time. My current workflow is very manual, I have no CNC and nothing else than a workbench, a router and few more traditional tools. When I discover plans for Jigs in Internet it is like gold to me. I have found recently a simple but useful Jig from Highline Guitars, the video is pretty old (from 2016) but the Jig is very practical, portable and useful. Chris says that the Jig is so simple so He will no publish plans for it, but because I am building it for myself I am publishing my self made plans based on the video. So lets go:

Most of the time I use Inkscape for drawing, but this time I am using FreeCAD, the Jig is so simple, so a picture is worth a thousand words:

Finally, I have added some 2×2 pieces under the top to have more space between the arm of the Jig and the neck of the guitar, this is because I am working with guitars with neck break angles up to 4 degrees and with headstock angles up to 11 degrees.

Once again, Thank you Chris, simple tools are the best.

*** EDIT ***
After writing this post, Chris pointed me out to the original Jig designer: Matt Vinson. Matt provides a detailed step by step tutorial in pdf format. So here is the link: How-to-Build-a-Neck-Jig-Matt-Vinson (Not hosted here)

Thank you very much Matt.

3 thoughts on “Vinson guitar setup jig plans”

  1. Christopher D Hasse

    Sorry, did not mean to send… I intended to thank you for posting these wonderful plans. I just noticed the last name Monk and figured it must be the same Chris as you mentioned Highline. His setup is not as well done as your plans and it has lasted a long time and served him well. Thanks again

  2. Hi Christopher, thank you for pointing out the spelling mistake in the picture. it is fixed now. I did the plans based on the Chris’s video.

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